Toptal coding test

In this blog post, I will share my experience on the Toptal interview and how you can prepare to pass it. Some time ago, a co-worker of mine posted an article in HipChat about an ex-Googler making three times as much with a company called Toptal.

That immediately caught my attention and I started looking for information about the company. Pretty soon I discovered it is a platform similar to Upwork was eLance and oDesk but with the important difference that you can set your own rates.

Motived not only by the cash but also to prove my skills, I polished my CV and sent in an application. Quite soon I received a reply from a recruiter asking to schedule a time for the first interview. There are four interviews: one focused on communication skills, a coding test on Codility, another coding test on skype and a final interview on a project you are asked to do. It is implied that you are already very familiar with the technology stack you applied for, i. In my case this is Android.

The first interview was fairly easy for me, perhaps because English has become my main language. They also try to gauge your motivation and enthusiasm and the reasons behind your application.

I was also asked my rates, although the number that matters is the one you give in the fourth interview. All in all, a typical short HR interview, so prepare accordingly. After you pass the first round, the recruiter will send you an email with two links on Codility, a practice test and the real test. Keep in mind that the solutions are ranked automatically so take the practice test and understand how the platform scores the submissions.

Codility is different. It will test your code on all possible edge cases, so keep an eye on null values and overflows. The test itself is made out of three problems for which you have an hour and a half.

They were sorted by difficulty level, so try to be faster on the first to have more time for the last two. Manage your time as if it were an algorithmic competition. The difficulty was lower than the Google CodeJam but higher than many problems I have seen in interviews.

Do not underestimate them and prepare accordingly. This is probably the most difficult step of the interview process. Another good free resource is InterviewBit.

As a technical interviewer myself, I plan to write some posts or make some videos on how to approach a technical interview in general.I decided to write more about it on my personal blog. I recommend you to read the most up-to-date version right there. Living is giving, and my only motivation to write this is to help. So I had made up my mind. I was going to apply to Toptal.

I ordered Cracking the coding interview from Amazon and used it as my study book and I totally recommend it. I also completed 42 coding challenges in HackerRank in the span of these 3 months and more than 15 challenges from Interview Cake. Twitter and YouTube were my friends on this journey.

They talk about almost everything from a11y to the latest JavaScript features. I knew this was going to be a whole ton of knowledge to process, so I started a personal challenge to learn 1 new thing every day for days. The time to start my Toptal application finally came.

I was nervous so I decided I should practice my interview skills on some other similar platform. The first step was a multiple-choice test to measure some problem skills. This test is not difficult, you can get along with it if you put a bit of concentration. The second step is a real-life scenario project. I had 3 days to complete and I have to say I put somewhere between 20 to 30 hours into this. Thankfully I had plenty of time to go through all these.

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I got the offer to enter the marketplace as a Senior Frontend Architect which I was quick to accept. I got two interview requests a day after I was accepted in the marketplace, and a job offer that same day.

I felt confident enough to do so. The first step was an interview to measure your ability to fluently communicate in English. The second step is hell on earth.Toptal is a freelance marketplace platform that provides remote contractors for large corporate clients. They claim to have only top talent in their network, and put all freelancers through a four to six week vetting process. Employers can find software engineers, finance experts and designers there. There are no offices, and only virtual teams gather there.

If you want Toptal to work on your project, regardless of whether it's a sole-freelancer or a team of ten, they expect you to describe as many details as possible so that they can choose the right match. The search continues until the perfect match is found. If you are dissatisfied, they are also able to restart the project and do it all over again.

They began in by only offering software developer services, but have since added designers and finance consultants to their service over the past few years. The company is fully distributed, meaning all employees and freelancers work remotely. With TopTal there are no recruiting fees or termination costs if the project gets cancelled. Also, there is no agency markup.

It usually takes up to 21 days to hire a developer, compared with over two months when hiring full-time employees. You can have a different number of specialists in your team for various stages of the project or particular tasks. Toptal is quite flexible in this matter and can gather a team of any size to make it the most suitable for the task. Toptal accepts only 3 out of applicants who apply to be a part of their network. To do this, they use a 4-stage vetting process: Interview, assessment, screening and a test project.

The network of Toptal freelancers has a global reach, which means that specialists from different countries can work on your project.

Sometimes they even relocate their freelancers if it is necessary for the project.

5 Problem Solving Tips for Cracking Coding Interview Questions

There are no unchecked specialists, all of them are selected and approved before they can be put onto the project. As a general rule, teams work remotely. If, however, you would like to have a specialist work physically at your office, this is also possible. Everything your freelancers do is kept private, including your IP and all related information.

The level of security is very strong. Time to find matching freelancers - weeks: once you submit a request with a detailed description of your needs, Toptal starts looking for the perfect match. No-risk trial - if you are not satisfied with the results of the work in the first stages of the project, you will not have to pay for it. For example, TopTal is usually not suitable for smaller projects, and their rates are far too high for many businesses.

TopTal competitors have different offerings with varying fee structures and screening processes that range from complex to non-existent. Here is a review of some websites similar to TopTal:. Basically, Crew is a platform that is curated to connect developers and designers. It allows users to find and hire web and mobile specialists, as well as small studios, in the areas of development and design.No worries!

Our team will custom make the skill assessment exclusively for you. Our team will custom make online programming test exclusively for you. Analyze how well do your candidates perform when exposed to real-time challenges. Our Coding Simulators enable you to simulate a real-time scenario to effectively assess candidates on various parameters such as analytical thinking, and logical approach to coding problems in addition to their base coding knowledge. All Coding Skills. Could not find the test you were looking for?

Have we missed any online coding test you are looking for? Request your test now. With Interview Mocha's quality IT coding tests and accurate reports, we are now much more confident of finding the right candidates for our technical roles. Get a hands-on experience of our Coding Simulators Explore coding simulator now. Online coding skill tests questions evaluate the below coding skills of the candidates.

We use cookies to ensure you have the best browsing experience on our website. Please read our privacy policy for more information about how we use cookies.You deserve experienced devs. Ones worth your hard-earned funds. Without shifting your project schedule or cost. Just in case. With Lemon, your fees are almost entirely bestowed on your developer, with just a small portion cast aside for startup costs.

Plus, our engineers are from Eastern Europe, which has a lower cost of living and lower hourly rates than the United States. We call the Lemon vetting process the 4 levels of judgment. Fewer than developers have ever made it through the initiation. We instantly cut devs that fail an ESL test, offer an inglorious portfolio and lack outstaffing experience.

Reference check! Remaining developers are vetted to ensure saintly standing with their current employer. The final reckoning! We accept those passionately committed to the startup hustle, with the work ethic of a deity.

toptal coding test

For Toptal. The master of enterprise and high-performance web technology.

toptal coding test

Wickedly skilled at defining, designing and implementing a highly secure, continuous-deployment pipeline to update applications in cloud environments. Awesome service, very user friendly and the developers are great at what they do. Makes it very easy to outsource the work knowing that it will be done quickly and done right. These developers rly know their skill! As the designer of sites, they are always very patient and willing to work to make sure I'm happy and I get what I want.Freelance platforms have been around for at least a decade already.

Generally speaking, when most people think about freelancers, what comes to mind are developers, designers, translators, and content writers. Now, you can hire freelancers to help build your startup or scale your company with just a few clicks and interviews. With that said, every platform has its strengths and weaknesses.

For instance, how do you know which platform will have the best freelance developers that you need? Moreover, if you value project management assistance above all else, which freelance website should you look into?

In the rest of this post, we will save you some trouble by comparing UpworkToptaland CodementorX on these factors:.

toptal coding test

Note : Freelance platforms may change their fees, policies, services, or processes from time to time. The following information is up-to-date as of the "Last Updated" date indicated at beginning of this post. If you notice any discrepancies, do let us know! Upwork was officially established in18 months after the Elance-oDesk merger in December Since Elance was founded inUpwork can be considered the oldest freelance website in the freelance marketplace. Upwork allows its users full autonomy to interview, hire, and work with freelancers and agencies with little to no assistance.

Unit Tests, How to Write Testable Code and Why it Matters

In FebruaryUpwork launched its premium service, Upwork Pro. Unlike with its basic service, companies can pay additional fees on every job search for handpicked, pre-vetted freelancers. Initially, it started as a platform focused on providing freelance software engineers to mostly corporate clients.

In OctoberToptal launched Toptal Designers, which connects designers with clients. In AprilToptal acquired Skillbridge to expand its services to providing business and finance-focused freelancers as well, and in Marchthey launched Toptal Finance. CodementorX is an exclusive freelance platform where startup CTOs from top accelerators, senior developers at Fortune companies, and popular open-source contributors can be hired for freelance opportunities at competitive rates, large-scale software projects, and more.

It was officially launched in and built on top of the biggest online marketplace for software development mentorship, Codementor. CodementorX freelance developers include many of the top performing developers in the Codementor community. CodementorX is well-established in the startup community and is funded by TechstarsStartupsand Alibaba. All freelance platforms fall under one of the two categories: general or niche.

As their names suggest, general freelance marketplaces offer a wide range of services i.Easily test proficiency in various kinds of modern programming languages and business applications through our securely proctored online coding tests. Create your own assessment questions and test cases or use expert-validated content for your coding skills test from Talview Talent Assessments.

Test your candidates' coding ability with the compiler on the platform and watch them accomplish tasks assigned to them by you in real-time. You can securely test the skills of coders in more than 52 different programming languages live on your screen through our audio and video proctoring mechanism available on the platform. Score candidates based on the memory utilized by the compiler and the time taken to complete tasks.

Assess a range of skills and gain in-depth understanding of your candidates with the help of these coding tests. Assign multiple assessments such as Leadership, Critical Thinking, and Coding and see candidate scores in one holistic score report. Talview experts can help you build the perfect test process specific to your enterprise and job openings.

Invite candidates to the assessment directly from the platform or embed test links on your Careers page. Track important recruiting metrics with intuitive and real-time reporting in just a few simple clicks. Running a hackathon?

toptal coding test

We ensure they run smoothly by providing you with a platform and the software for contestants to create their prototypes or products! We helped one of our clients, GIC, organize a nationwide hackathon to find the best coders solely on the basis of meritocracy. Need to find experts to fill special roles? Using our Coding Tests, a multinational technology solutions company was able to hire laterally within 10 days, whereas it took them approximately 2 months prior to Talview.

Too many candidates to interview and too little time? No need to go to a campus in the early stages. Shortlist the students who meet your minimum requirements with our online screening assessments and only visit campus to speak with pre-qualified applicants.

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Spending too much time to hire candidates for just a few months? See how you can efficiently hire on a contract basis while still keeping candidate quality high here.

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