Soap call in mule 4

Before diving into this, check out this post. It does a great job covering the different types of WSDLs. For the Transform Message component after the HTTP Request, you can also configure the input metadata if you want to parse and extract data from the response. Hopefully this helps you. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below or email me. Quick walkthrough video that shows you how to deploy a Mule Runtime 4. You can find the Git…. Pre-Requisites Anypoint Studio 7.

Select the one that you plan to call in Anypoint Studio. It should look like this. Change the protocol to match the SOAP endpoint e. Fill in the Host with the hostname and the Port according to the Protocol.

Click on OK. Once the metadata is generated from the file, click on Select Back in the transform message, expand the metadata for the output and double click on zipCodeList. The DataWeave script will be generated with the correct namespaces. Change the null value to a zip code string e. When you open the Transform Message component, just change the DataWeave script to look like the following.In order to consume a web service, we need to discover it first.

For this example, we will use the temperature conversion web service hosted by w3schools. It is public and free to use. You can find it here. Create a new Mule project. Click Finish. On the canvas, drag an HTTP connector as shown below.

You can see the Global Elements Properties window pop up. Many fields are prepopulated. For now, we use the default host and port. Click OK. Now drag and drop a web service consumer from the Mule palette onto the canvas. This will open a Global Element Properties window as shown below. If there are multiple services hosted on the same "location," then you can choose from the service drop-down accordingly. Back to the Mule design. Just below that, choose the operation that you want to call.

Drag and drop a transform message from the Mule palette, after the variable. This will set the input for the SOAP request, which will be sent to the web service. That's it! Run the project. Let's send a request to our mule flow using chrome.

For this we will convert 34 degree Celsius to Fahrenheit. Integration Zone. Thanks for visiting DZone today. Edit Profile. Sign Out View Profile. Over a million developers have joined DZone.

Like 7. Join the DZone community and get the full member experience. Join For Free. This provides two operations for temperature conversion as shown below: 2.Implementing security at a higher layer on the protocol stack — the application layer, for instance — generally provides better protection than an implementation at the lower transport layer, which provides only HTTPS security.

WS-security can include the following things:. You can also add a custom validator to the CXF Component. The bean Value Reference is the name of the bean that the key references. For example, when the key is passwordCallbackRefenter the name of the bean in the Value Reference field. In XML, this step mirrors the addition of a key-value pair inside the ws-config child element of a ws-security element. Click in Add Configuration Element to create a new key-value pair.

In the Key field, replace the default key with a name, for example action. Repeat these steps to add as many ws-security configurations as you need, then click OK. Within the cxf:ws-security child element, add a child element for cxf:ws-config.

Within the cxf:ws-config child element, add a child element for cxf:property. Add two attributes to the cxf:property child element according to the table below.

Specify a WS Constant a class to define the kind of access the server allows or a WSHandlerConstant a class to specify the names, actions, and other strings for data deployment of the WSS handler. For example, enter UsernameToken in the value field. Specify the bean that the key must reference.

When the key must reference a bean for instance, when the key is passwordCallbackRefspecify the name of the bean as the value-ref. Refer to the following sample code:. A CXF component might get bogged down with processing tasks and authenticating messages.

To lighten the load, you can instruct WS-security to delegate certain message authentication tasks to a Token Validatorincluding:. Validating the UsernameToken in cases where the CallbackHandler implementation does not have access to the password. On the Security tab of a CXF component in a flow, click one or more of the checkboxes to delegate message authentication tasks to token validators. Authenticates the user name and password credentials associated with each message in a manner similar to HTTP Digest authentication.In this step by step tutorial, we will implement a Mule application which receives a JSON Payload in HTTP POST containing two number values and invokes a publicly available calculator web service to perform addition of the numbers and then returns a customized response.

We will implement our message flow by utilizing components from different modules including Listener, Choice Router, Message Transformer, Service Consumer etc. Give a name to this Mule Application and save it in your workspace by clicking on Finish.

I named my Mule Project as soapserviceconsumertutorial. Once your Mule Project has been created, you will see that project structure with all folders have been created under Package Explorer. We will implement our consumer application in this flow.

Specify host and port on which you want this service to listen. By default it will listen on localhost and port I changed the port to for my service. You can choose any available port and use Test Connection button to verify if connection configurations are fine. I have added a URI Parameter with the name action which will be passed by the client when invoking the service. As we have configured our HTTP Listener connector with a URI Param with the name action, we need to populate its value in a variable so that we may use it subsequently in our Message Flow to take actions accordingly.

Name the variable as action you can name it anything and populate the value by using the below expression:. This operation will add two numbers and will return a result. For this content based routing scenario, we will drag Choice Router in our message flow.

For the When condition, we will use below condition by using the value that we saved in variable in previous step:.

Use Studio to Configure Web Service Consumer 1.6 - Mule 4

Whenever above condition is met, we will invoke calculator web service operation. All corresponding fields service, port, address will get populated automatically based on the configurations available in the wsdl file. Click Ok and proceed back to the General Configuration of Consumer. For Operation, select Add from the drop down list as drop down list will show you all operations which are available in online calculator service. Once we have configured Consume component, we need to add Transform Message component before it in our Message Flow where we will configure input for the operation.

For Transform Message component, we will specify input data for intA and intB numeric elements which are inputs of calculator Add operation. These values will be fetched from payload as you can see below:.

Consuming SOAP Web Services Using Mule

The next action that we want to perform is to transform and customize our response message. For our service, we want to send a response in XML format after calling calculator by specifying Operation and Result in our response body. For this purpose, we will add a Transform Message component in our flow after Consume. Now specify the transformer mappings as below so that action value gets populated in opeation field and ResultValue field gets populated by the add operation response from calculator service.

Now our last action is to take care of default flow of our choice router. For default, drag a Raise Error component as we want to throw an error back to the client for any operations other than add. With this, we are now done with all major implementations of various components in our message flow and we can now proceed to our next step where we will test our mule application.

Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you want to get a more clearer and complete help on this mulesoft soap web service consumer scenario, you can watch my video below on TutorialsPedia Youtube channel:.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Iconic One Theme Powered by Wordpress.Anypoint Studio Studio editors help you design and update your Mule applications, properties, and configuration files. When you run the connector, you can view the app log to check for problems, as described in View the App Log.

If, after reading this topic, you need additional information about the connector fields, see the Web Service Consumer Connector Reference. In Add Dependencies to Projecttype web service consumer in the search field. Adding a connector to a Mule project in Studio does not make that connector available to other projects in your Studio workspace.

On the Listener configuration screen, optionally change the value of the Display Name field. On the Advanced tab, optionally specify reconnection information, including a reconnection strategy. Click Test Connection to confirm that Mule can connect with the specific server. When you add a connector operation to your flow, you immediately define a specific operation for that connector to perform.

To consume a SOAP web service operation, you need to create a configuration that points to the service that you want to consume. In the Connection section of the General tab, configure the following parameters:.

Address The address of the web server to dispatch requests if the Service and Port parameters did not automatically provide this value. The following example shows how to configure the global element to get a list of flights by airline:. Additionally, learn about the output of the Consume operation and metadata attributes used to dispatch messages.

During the design phase, the parameter defines the input and output types for the Consume operation. The types will change depending on which operation you choose. In the General section of the Consume operation, define Operationand in the Message section, define BodyHeadersand Attachments fields:. The body parameter is the main part of the SOAP message. It accepts embedded DataWeave script values so expects that you can construct the XML request without having a side effect on the message or having to use multiple components to create the request.

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soap call in mule 4

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soap call in mule 4

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soap call in mule 4

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Expose SOAP Web Service using APIkit SOAP in Mule 4

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