Osn frequency nilesat 2019

Post a Comment. Frequencies of all arabic tv channels updated on Nilesat Langue : Arabic. A One TV. Aaj Tak. Langue : Hindi. ABP News India.

السالك يفعلها و يحطم قنوات الأوسن الباقه الحمراء علي النايل سات مجانا

Abu Dhabi Al Riyadiya 1. Abu Dhabi Al Riyadiya 2. Abu Dhabi Drama. Langue : English. Abu Dhabi Drama HD. Abu Dhabi Sports 1 HD. Abu Dhabi Sports 2 HD. Abu Dhabi Sports 3 HD. Abu Dhabi Sports 4 HD. Abu Dhabi Sports 5 HD. Abu Dhabi Sports 6 HD. Abu Dhabi TV. Addis TV Network. Aden TV. Afaq TV.

Afrah TV. Aghani Aghani. Aghapy TV. Ahel Al Quran. Ahwazna TV. Ajman TV. Ajman TV HD. Aksyon TV International. Langue : Tagalog. Al Aan TV. Al Ahad. Al Ahly Club TV.Christian television channel from Lebanon founded in by the Catholic-Maronite Church. HD Arabic satellite television channel from London since Al Hiwar, the Dialogue. Television channel that broadcasts conferences live without editing or commentary, using subtitles when translation is needed. Also known as Al Jazeera Live.

Documentary channel. Based in Sulaymaniyah. National public television first channel. HD Coptic Christian television channel in honour of St. Mar Markos Egyptian Satellite. Pan-Arabist news satellite television channel launched on June Based in Beirut. Privately owned television station based in Damascus, Syria.

Loyal to the government of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. Headed by Imad Sara.

All Sports Channels On Nilesat 7W 2019/2020

The third television channel of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community. Arabic language Ahmadiyya Muslim television channel. Coptic Christian television channel in honour of St. Movies television channel in English with Arabic subtitles. It mostly broadcasts American Hollywood movies. Syrian satellite television channel based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Not aligned with the government of President Bashar Al Assad. Headquarters located in Tehran, Iran.

HD National public television first channel. Launched on 6 May State-owned Egyptian satellite television channel. News in Arabic, English, French, and Hebrew. It is also broadcast as a terrestrial channel on UHF. New public television channel specialized in Saudi and Arab drama. Also talk and cookery shows, religious programs. HD New public television channel specialized in Saudi and Arab drama.News at LyngSat :.

Teletrak on Telstar 14R. TV Barriga Verde on Intelsat 37e. Romit TV on Eutelsat 9B. Jagoroni TV on AsiaSat 7. Rossiya 24 Sochi on Yamal Qatar TV. Sout al Khaleej 2. Sout al Khaleej 3. Sout al Khaleej 4. Sout al Khaleej Europe.

osn frequency nilesat 2019

Qatar Radio. Holy Quran Radio Qatar. Radio Oryx. Radio QBS. Urdu Radio. Alhujja Satellite Channel. Awraas TV. Karamah TV. Alaraby TV. Saout Alaqila. Massaya TV. Dawacom TV. Kunuz Altabia TV. Roqiaty TV. Al Masa. Sheikh Jibril TV. Shahrazad TV. Sama Al Yemen TV. The Kingdom Sat. Zarok TV. Jesus Wonderful TV. Al Awhad TV. Alkafeel Radio.Nilesat 7.

Occasional Feeds, data or inactive frequency High Definition. Displays a screenshot. LIVE video broadcasts. Nilesat Primary education channel. ERI TV. Beladi Satellite Channel. Al Forat.

Nile Family and Kids. Space Toon 1. CNBC Arabiyah. Last updated. Al Mehwer TV. Nile News. Nile Comedy. Nile Life. Nile Drama.

osn frequency nilesat 2019

Nile Sports. Nile Culture. Nile Cinema. Dream 2. OSN Box Office 2. OSN Box Office 3. TFC Middle-East. Fuel TV.Want to change your decoder Nilesat frequency or want to restore default setting? The list below will guide you through all that you need to know to change any of your Nilesat channel frequencies.

OSN (Free) - Nilesat Frequency

According to Wikipedia, Nilesatan Egyptian company is a name of a series of Egyptian communication satellites. Nielsat was established in the late with a sole aim of operating Egptian satellites and their associated ground control station likewise uplinking facilities. With that being viewed, that is all I have for you today on Techpunch. You can enjoy tweaking your Nilesat channel frequencies to your taste with our Nilesat frequencies MBC.

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OSN Movies HD +2 - Nilesat Frequency

Use the comment box if you have any problem with changing your Nilesat frequencies. Related Topics: english channels on nilesat nilesat frequency nilesat frequencies nilesat nilesat longitude nilesat channel frequencies nilesat channels frequency list nilesat frequencies nilesat frequencies pdf nilesat frequencies mbc Up Next Cloud Computing Technology List Your email address will not be published.

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Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like LoadingS at E xpat. Please help. Thank you. Have you try to scan for FTA channels? Finally Add to Channel List and the new channels will be located from channel and above. OSN channels is not free how can i watch or see on tv? We were getting Indian, Pak and many Arab country channels. Can you tell us if your decoder can work in Ethiopia and even in Lagos, Nigeria. Thanks, Dr. Jawahar Ahuja. Hi, I reset the factory sitting on my osn receiverI need to do new confg.

I live in Dubai what should I do Thanks. Maybe a DiSEqC switch issue. I need more channels in OSN frequencies, please. Are there OSN decorders available in Uganda. Good day,what is the setting of my sattelite scan free here in Riyadh KSA to find the channels of my osn box decoder? Because I renew my account but all the channel are gone except TFC pilipino channels. Leave a contribution, comment or correction Name or nick Email it will not be displayed Comment Number of remaining characters : Contributions, comments and corrections are welcome.

They are moderated and there may be a delay before they appear on the site. Number of remaining characters : Occasional Feeds, data or inactive frequency High Definition. Displays a screenshot. LIVE video broadcasts. Zarok TV. Safa TV. Cairo Drama. Cairo Cinema.

Nilesat Channels Frequencies 2019 & Other Tracking Details

Tunisia Nat 2. Last updated. Tunisia Nat 1. Sudan TV. Al Amaken Satellite Channel. Libya Al Ahrar Part time. Aghapy TV. Libya Ahrar HD Not permanent. Coptic TV. Bethel Television. Eutelsat 7 West A. Al Rahma TV. Afaq TV. Rusiya Al-Yaum. Cinema 1. Echorouk TV.

osn frequency nilesat 2019

Beur TV. Al Mustakillah TV. Al Shams Satellite Channel. ERTU 3. ERTU 4. ERTU 5. ERTU 6. ERTU 7. ERTU 8. Yemen TV. Korek TV HD.