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Isuzu and Honda have announced that they will be working together to develop hydrogen fuel cell technologies for commercial trucks and passenger car markets. Quantum Fuel Systems is set to develop a new high-pressure hydrogen tank with a capacity of approximately 60 kg pounds of hydrogen. Using a Nikola hydogen-electric truck and a BYD electric truck, Anheuser-Busch completed a delivery from its brewery to a local wholesale partner that the company is touting as its first "zero-emissions beer delivery.

Improvements to the sedan's fuel cell system and larger hydrogen storage has moved the targeted range of Toyota's Mirai to more than miles. Beginning Jan. To demonstrate its capabilities as an electrification powertrain supplier, Cummins showed a concept Class 8 day cab, featuring a hybrid fuel cell-battery electric drivetrain. Hyundai offered a sneak-peek at a futuristic, hydrogen-powered Class 8 tractor at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show and confirmed it is considering entering the North American Class 8 market with the vehicle.

This year's slowdown in truck sales, the rapid pace of technological change, and Kenworth's fuel-cell electric truck project were the highlights of Kenworth's remarks to reporters at the North American Commercial Vehicle Show.

The three-year Alberta Zero-Emissions Truck Electrification Collaboration project will see two hydrogen fuel cell electric trucks pulling loads of up topounds on mile round trips between Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta, beginning next year. Saudi Aramco and Air Products inaugurated a hydrogen fueling station in Saudi Arabia that will fuel a small fleet of Toyota Mirai fuel cell electric vehicles.

Iwatani Corp. Nikola's new hydrogen-electric tractor features scads of new technology. It's truly new from the ground up and drivers assigned to such trucks certainly won't be suffering. We respect your data and privacy. EV Charging. Load More.Fuel Cells News.

This new development may help clear the path for the hydrogen fuel industry to move But first, To date, existing methodologies have not been able to elucidate how exactly the electrochemical process of water splitting takes place at But first, scientists Summaries Headlines.

In comparison to previous methods, this new method can produce any amount of methane Scientists have identified a novel technique Although the research team focused on LMBs, the device A research team has found out why: Hydrogen peroxide Now, an engineering team has adapted technology from fuel cells to do the reverse: harness electricity to make valuable chemicals from waste carbon Using a new mathematical Carbon dioxide, on the other hand, is a greenhouse gas that is the unwanted byproduct of many In those moments, a set of molecules self-assembles into a structure inside the battery that will However, recent incidents involving fires or explosions of these devices show there's a need for safer batteries.

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Scientists find cheaper way to make hydrogen energy out of water

Living Well. View all the latest top news in the environmental sciences, or browse the topics below:.Energy Observer catamaran creates its own hydrogen fuel by sucking up sea water and removing oxygen. Long reads. UK Politics. Lib Dems. Green Party. Boris Johnson. Jeremy Corbyn.

Los Angeles wants to build a hydrogen-fueled power plant. It’s never been done before

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hydrogen news

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hydrogen news

Matthew Norman. Sean O'Grady. Tom Peck. Andrew Grice. Rugby union. Cheltenham Festival.The latest hydrogen fuel cell news from our hydrogen and fuel cell technology news sources.

Apr 8, Someday, microbial cyborgs -- bacteria combined with electronic devices -- could be useful in fuel cells, biosensors and bioreactors. But first, scientists need to develop materials that not only nurture the microbes, but also efficiently and controllably harvest the electricity or other resources they make. Now, researchers have developed one such material that enabled them to create a programmable 'biohybrid' system that conducts electrons from electricity-producing exoelectrogenic bacteria.

Apr 4, For some time now, much research has been put into coming up with new fuel cell technology solutions. With the importance of such technology for the future of the planet, it makes sense that people will want to make progress ASAP.

The latest innovation in the fuel cell tech industry comes from the University of ……. Mar 25, Solid oxide fuel cells SOFCs are clean and highly efficient power generation systems, which can generate electrical energy but are limited by their high operating temperatures and infrequent applications.

Researchers explore how the efficiency of SOFCs can be increased by lowering their operating temperature and could be an alternative to nuclear and thermal power generation in the future. Mar 24, Chemists have succeeded in fabricating surface-clean noble metal aerogels boosting the electrocatalysis performance by revisiting ligand chemistry.

Mar 23, Fears that electric cars could actually increase carbon emissions are unfounded in almost all parts of the world, new research shows. Mar 23, Researchers developed a promising graphene-carbon nanotube catalyst, giving them better control over hugely important chemical reactions for producing green technology and clean energy. Mar 19, A new material design has put the long-sought idea of using artificial photosynthesis to generate renewable fuel within reach.

With the clock ticking on making sure we can become more sustainable ASAP, the development of hydrogen is very much ……. Mar 12, Nanoengineers developed a safety feature that prevents lithium metal batteries from rapidly overheating and catching fire in case of an internal short circuit.

The clever tweak does not prevent battery failure, but rather provides advance warning of failure and makes it much safer. Mar 12, Atomic distortions emerging in the electrode during operation provide a 'fast lane' for the transport of lithium ions. Mar 9, A team has developed a less expensive water electrolysis system that works under alkaline conditions but still produces hydrogen at comparable rates to the currently used system that works under acidic conditions and requires precious metals.

This advance brings down the cost of water splitting technology, offering a more viable way to store energy from solar and wind power in the form of hydrogen fuel.

Mar 5, Hydrogen is being traded as the energy carrier of the future. To date, existing methodologies have not been able to elucidate how exactly the electrochemical process of water splitting takes place at the molecular scale on a catalyst surface. Scientists have now developed a new method to investigate such processes 'live' on the nanometer scale.The National Energy Commission released the capital cost estimate in its annual report.

Spanish utility Iberdrola is already moving forward with its plans for the huge construction. Iberdrola, a utility from Spain, is leading a consortium that plans to develop and build a Email address:. Subscribe to our weekly newsletter and keep up with the latest news in hydrogen transportation, research, storage, resources and more. Search for:.

April 16, 0 Loop Energy becomes fuel cell range extender provider to leading Chinese bus manufacturer By John Max.

hydrogen news

April 15, 0 More consumers will buy electric cars because of the pandemic, says study By Tami Hood. Hydrogen Fuel Cell. Loop Energy becomes fuel cell range extender provider to leading Chinese bus manufacturer By John Max. Hydrogen fuel cell engineer creates repair solution for critically needed ventilators By Julie Campbell. Geothermal Energy.

I Drove 900 Miles In A Hydrogen Car: Hyundai NEXO Review

Geothermal energy exploration drilling in Uganda may have found oil April 9, 0. Strada deep drilling geothermal technology tests complete March 27, 0. Wind Energy.

hydrogen news

Europe is planning a massive floating offshore wind turbine in the North Sea By Alicia Moore Spanish utility Iberdrola is already moving forward with its plans for the huge construction.

Huge Idaho wind farm may become one of the biggest in the world March 27, 0. Shell consortium sets sights on 10 GW offshore wind powered hydrogen project March 23, 0. Follow Us! Get Our Weekly Newsletter Here…. First Name Email address:.October 29, A new method of extracting hydrogen from water more efficiently could help underpin the capture of renewable energy in the form of sustainable fuel, scientists say.

In a new paper, published today in the journal Nature Communicationsresearchers from universities in the UK, Portugal, Germany and Hungary describe how pulsing electric current through a layered catalyst has allowed them to almost double the amount of hydrogen produced per millivolt of electricity used during the process. Electrolysis, a process which is likely familiar to anyone who studied chemistry at high schooluses electric current to split the bonds between the hydrogen and oxygen atoms of water, releasing hydrogen and oxygen gas.

If the electric current for the process of electrolysis is generated through renewable means such as wind or solar powerthe entire process releases no additional carbon into the atmosphere, making no contributions to climate change. Hydrogen gas can then be used as a zero-emission fuel source in some forms of transport such as buses and cars or for heating homes. The team's research focused on finding a more efficient way to produce hydrogen through the electrocatalytic water splitting reaction.

They discovered that electrodes covered with a molybedenum telluride catalyst showed an increase in the amount of hydrogen gas produced during the electrolysis when a specific pattern of high-current pulses was applied.

However, as it currently stands the excess of generated energy must be used as it's produced or else it goes to waste. It's vital that we develop a robust suite of methods to store the energy for later use. Our research provides an important new insight into producing hydrogen from electrolysis more effectively and more economically, and we're keen to pursue this promising avenue of investigation. Since the level of catalytic enhancement is controlled by electric currents, recent advances in machine learning could be used to fine-tune the right sequence of applied currents to achieve the maximum output.

The next stage for the team is the development of an artificial intelligence protocol to replace human input in the search for the most effective electronic structures use in similar catalytic processes.

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